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On your left, here is a psychopath who has cracked lips and ruffled hair. I don’t know about you, but this guy looks really creepy.


  • Problems with Academia

    Literature and writing are taught incorrectly in schools. It seems like the purpose of reading, which, in my opinion, is the act of enjoying one self, is not prevalent now. We are reading for the wrong reasons, which is that “I am going to read this because I need to understand it to pass a…

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  • Skill Beats Luck

    Surely, there must be a reason for this.  The spaghetti monster grabbed the lever of faith. Pay my houses and hotels, my sleepers awake. “Life happens people!” the housemaid said.  A wind can tip the hat. Tsunamis may come. But when the time ticks, Don’t rely on a dice to hurdle a jump.  Failed? Get…

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  • The Rat Race

    One left is cancer; You will wish that one turns zero,  Because that ends the rage and hate,  Permanently.  You eat the same piece of chalk Every hour, minute, and second. And each second, you wished the Unit turned to a millisecond, More chalk comes on your plate.  “White chalk and white chalk only.”  How…

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  • Ulysses is too Good!

    Ulysses is, without a doubt, the greatest book I have ever read. I wouldn’t say it is my personal favorite though, but literary-wise, it is no wonder that it is considered a masterpiece. This is a very strong opinion to claim because literature is very subjective. That may be true, but one can’t ignore its…

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  • Plans During Christmas

    It has been a little while since I have posted here, but that is for a valid reason. I have a disease for writing, but it is a disease that you want to get contaminated with. I have literally been writing the third and last novel of The Absolutely Fine Trilogy, an undertaking that consumed…

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  • Second Book is out!

    The Absolutely Fine Sequel is now out! For those who have finished the first book, you are in for a treat! The link is there for your delight! Also . . . yeah. That picture is way too big.

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