The Place to Find Very Boring Updates about my Boring Life

On your left, here is a psychopath who has cracked lips and ruffled hair. I don’t know about you, but this guy looks really creepy.


  • Welcome to my Youtube Channel!

    Hello everyone. Right here is the link to the very beginnings of my attempt to find a social-media presence online. Again, try to deal with my very awkward voice in the video. Pretty much everything I say is improvised. Also, yes, this thumbnail is really, really dull.

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  • Why I Write in Multiple Genres?

    For those who have self-published, you had the opportunity to put your book into two categories at most. The problem is if you are writing a piece like mine. I have recently published two excerpts of my book, and when you think about it, how interesting that a pervert and a politician are both in…

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  • Excerpt of Maron Swan

    The issue with all of this was that I didn’t have first-hand experience with the ins and outs of power, and this would be crucial later on.  I was literally sitting in the house of the White House, having a cup of coffee that I held on my left hand. It was a privilege, as…

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  • Is it really for the money?

    I remembered taking a value test in my Life Skills Class of high school. There were a bunch of values that we had to measure, one being family, the other being power, and plenty of other values. After taking the test, the value I got in first place is creativity. During the time, I may…

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  • Excerpt of Jonathan Welter

    (Disclaimer: May offend some individuals who are vulnerable to explicit subject matter.) OH MY GOD, I thought while I was reading the local newspaper—and yes—I was one of the only people in the universe who actually read these papers in the daily news; I should probably keep myself up to date through social media, but…

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  • The Invisible Lantern

    Where did the lantern go?  I think I dropped it over the cliff. There was no pattern to my steps.  I zig-zagged across the mist. ] I am an intelligentsia  My eyes—for now—were my lantern But I don’t have knowledge, Of the real, sacred lantern. ] In my soul is the real magic But where…

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