The Place to Find Very Boring Updates about my Boring Life

On your left, here is a psychopath who has cracked lips and ruffled hair. I don’t know about you, but this guy looks really creepy.


  • All the Characters Swarming in my Brain

    Manuel, Maron, Daisy, Christina, Desmond, Greg, Zach, West, Gwen, Hoster, Winston, Barbara, Yui, Thomson, Jerome, Mr.Monopoly, Yora, Buddy, Quentin, Rose, Penelope, Delila, Roderick, Cuso, Sebastian, Vick, Xing, Bobby, Boris, Eric, Howland, Robert, Robert again, Wendell, Oshu, Eliza, Erika, Trevor, Carson, Serena, Pink Baret Girl, West, Kevin, Terry, Drew, Andrew, April, Kasarata, Soul, Kendrick, Chuck, Luis,…

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  • 20,000 Word Novelette

    Yesterday, I was at my local library and I was just cranking! It was just flowing out of me with all the keys on the keyboard being smashed by my fingers. What was created is another masterpiece that I have printed in thirty-seven crisp pages. This, of course, is a first draft, so there is…

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  • Books Outside the Mainstream (The Sieve)

    When I was trying to pick categories for my novel trilogy, I always wondered if this could be categorized. There are simply too many subplots that could classify this. I guess you could categorize the first book of the trilogy as a coming-of-age, but that would ignore . . . the other stuff. I always…

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  • Excerpt of Ellie Debra

    ELLIE WAS ALL ALONE, as if the world suddenly revolved around her. She had on those snazzy glasses, which contrasted her from the daily crowd. While everybody else was going to work in their boring matter with the ordinary boring, old top hats, she was smelling the flowers, having the leash over Georgia, Delila, or…

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  • Excerpt of Winston Winchester

    WHEN WINSTON GOT TO MEET MANUEL, in hindsight, Winston thought that Manuel’s issues were insignificant, as his experience had weirder stories compared to his California life, although you, the reader, shall be the judge.  It may be very interesting to note that the Winchesters were examples of people who combined flamboyancy and subtlety. Despite their…

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  • Thoughts before I start to read Infinite Jest

    I believe that this might be the book to help me finish my series. Why I believe that is because I need to wrap all this up with a nice bow on top. With possibly more than a hundred characters, I have my work cut out for–I need to know how another contemporary work is…

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