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On your left, here is a psychopath who has cracked lips and ruffled hair. I don’t know about you, but this guy looks really creepy.


  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the 4th Book is Coming

    Time flies by really fast, but you won’t believe this, but the 4th book is coming your way, and it is something that you definitely won’t expect! The wildest thing was how only three months I have passed since the last one was published, but after reading it and rereading it, it is finally complete!…

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  • Adobe Express Saved my Life

    For those who are tired of the circles, no worries. I got something that is a bit different for a book cover. Considering the fact that there will be many clowns in this piece, the next book cover is quite fitting. I find it interesting that I am going for a normal style this time,…

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  • Update on The Winchesters Project

    Everyone, the first draft is complete, now off to the second one. 🙂

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  • First Draft of The Winchesters is Complete!

    The title of this update explains it all. The total completed piece is a 50,000 word novel that encompasses stories relating to Manuel, Maron, and Christina. This will be the shortest piece out of all the projects, for good reason. I am tempted to say that this is still book three and a half, as…

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  • Update on the Winchesters Project

    News alert. Very sorry for not updating my blog very often. I have been very busy with many different chores and . . . well . . . contemplating and deliberating on my project. This project will, believe it or not, be the shortest and fastest-paced novel out of all the ones so far. I…

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  • Excerpt of The Winchesters

    This section will be in the second part of the fourth novel It was November 5th, 2024. Half of the country wanted to battle the other side. There was not really a way to get around that, so the results were actually meant to not be favorable to anybody. Still, it was up to debate…

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