Huge News Life-Wise

For those who can already tell, I look pretty young for a self-published author. I find it bewildering that I managed to write so prolifically at this rate. It is astonishing!

I am very young, which means that my whole life isn’t totally straightened out. I am still discovering different things about who I am, and that can be a roller-coaster ride.

There are many reasons for this. Well, one obvious reason is that you are not really supposed to know everything when you are nineteen. The age-range of nineteen to twenty-two is a time of complete distortion. You are utterly lost and you don’t even know where left or right is.

I managed to get a big break though. Last week, I got accepted to UC Berkeley! What a great honor. It is something that I have not expected whatsoever! The fact that I did that is an achievement.

I can only imagine the reaction of the writing faculty when they realize that I am a self-published author. They will go, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?”

I really can’t wait for the fall! I’m going to go far!

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