Adobe Express Saved my Life

For those who are tired of the circles, no worries. I got something that is a bit different for a book cover.

Considering the fact that there will be many clowns in this piece, the next book cover is quite fitting. I find it interesting that I am going for a normal style this time, but there will be a different narrator describing this piece, which explains the sudden shrink in size for this one.

Adobe Express really helped me out. I had the guidance of another Youtuber by the name of Jesica Fields, also known as the soft-spoken poet. Shoutout to her and her channel for the video on how she made her book cover on Adobe Express. It was very beneficial.

The Winchesters, in my view, are the weirdest of the bunch. They have the insatiable urge for curiosity that is uncanny like, even though they have human blood in them. I don’t want to give any spoilers though, for obvious reasons.

Here is her Youtube Channel if you guys are curious.

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