20,000 Word Novelette

Yesterday, I was at my local library and I was just cranking! It was just flowing out of me with all the keys on the keyboard being smashed by my fingers. What was created is another masterpiece that I have printed in thirty-seven crisp pages.

This, of course, is a first draft, so there is still need for me to reread it and check for edits and possible revision. I have already started the editing process and already see errors that I believe need to be done.

I have considered tweaking the title a bit. Currently, I have The Winchesters, although maybe I should call it book 3 1/2, as it is technically supposed to be read after my trilogy, but it’s not a completely-sized book. Again, I’m still in the spot where I am not completely sure what I would exactly do with it.

Nonetheless, I am still very proud that I managed to crank another first draft, which is very exciting to know! The Winchesters are waiting for me though . . . wish me good luck!

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