Books Outside the Mainstream (The Sieve)

When I was trying to pick categories for my novel trilogy, I always wondered if this could be categorized. There are simply too many subplots that could classify this. I guess you could categorize the first book of the trilogy as a coming-of-age, but that would ignore . . . the other stuff.

I always thought that the purpose of making a book was really making it for yourself, but yourself has their own tastes and preferences, and my preferences are quite varied.

I find it interesting how my stuff doesn’t really fit into a formulaic structure to classify it as genre-fiction. I have recently submitted my trilogy to a self-published contest–wish me luck–and there are many different categories you can submit your trilogy to. On the back of my mind, I’m thinking, Where can this book really fit? I really thought about this question, so much so that I thought that maybe there should be a genre called the Absolutely Fine genre.

I think the pro with self-publishing is that you have complete freedom over the layout over your story. You don’t have to conform to “industry standards” to “fit the market”, although that is assuming there is even a market that you are trying to conform in the first place–and if there is, is it even worthwhile to even conform to the trends?

Speaking of outside the mainstream, a book that I recently read is called The Sieve by Jeremiah Prenn. Shout out to you Jeremiah, assuming you would be reading this and found me. I also posted a review of your book, highly praising it! Go support the man by buying his book. 5 out of 5 stars.

Also — after much thought and contemplation, it is agreed that this book is best told without me summarizing it for you. The only information that is fully necessary is the fact that this is a great novel. Keep that in mind.

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