Thoughts before I start to read Infinite Jest

I believe that this might be the book to help me finish my series. Why I believe that is because I need to wrap all this up with a nice bow on top. With possibly more than a hundred characters, I have my work cut out for–I need to know how another contemporary work is able to do this.

I heard about David Foster Wallace when I found a Youtube video, which depicted his This is Water graduation speech in an animated fashion. It is also one of those novels that some people roll their eyes on when they hear about it–one reason being how unbearable it can be to push through it. As a person who got through Ulysses, Atlas Shrugged, and A Song of Ice and Fire, I think I got this guy in the bag.

Let’s go back to what I previously said though. Why did I exactly pick this one out of all the big literary giants? Well, from non-spoiler reviews I found, trying to summarize the book is a momentous task. It is one thing to explain something on the surface then it is to actually read it, because there are really a million things happening on one page of this book.

Why am I willing to handle this task? Well, because I am a nerd and I don’t have any friends. Hahahahaha. No, I am just kidding. Well, the first part of that sentence is true, but the other half is sort of not true. Since I don’t really have much reading to do from my work, I always want to keep myself busy and productive. Infinite Jest will surely do that, no doubt.

I’m also reading it because I have heard that the themes are quite resonant to a thought that I personally had about reading, which is starting to become a luxury in modern age of rampant technology and in-your-face material. It kind of made me laugh when I read the description of the back of the book.

In all honesty, I get a wee-bit irritated when a month or so passed and my fellow friends, who have a copy of my book, haven’t really started on it. I’m a person who is very empathetic though, and people have other things to do that constitute their schedules. It’s just that I sometimes feel like, It’s going to have to be the year 2400 for them to finish this one-of-a-kind story, assuming they would get it.

I wonder what really motivated him to make a piece that would be quite difficult and exclusive to a particular audience. I think he really wanted the reader to think the writer is very smart, and boy oh boy did he accomplish that. I mean, he finished that bad boy in four years. Who does that?

Anyway, I’ll let you know more about my progress of it on this blog.

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