Why I Write in Multiple Genres?

For those who have self-published, you had the opportunity to put your book into two categories at most. The problem is if you are writing a piece like mine.

I have recently published two excerpts of my book, and when you think about it, how interesting that a pervert and a politician are both in the same novel. You don’t really see that very often.

I believe part of this has to do with my nonlinearity. My process is part pantser, which was a term coined by Stephen King, which is the routine of a writer where you are simply writing something that comes to mind without an outline. As a result, they can easily go off the main path. Now, some readers may find that upsetting, as they want a foreshadow to know what happens next–but for me, that is kind of lame. If you know Game of Thrones, you know what I mean.

I think this is one reason why I’m having struggles finding another book to read, because I have this presumption that most books are following a particular trope. If you look at the romance section, you know what to expect. They both meet each other, look each other in the eye, and so on.

The Absolutely Fine Trilogy is not formulated on any type of algorithm, because it isn’t. My beast acts like a snake–you won’t expect it to pounce on you. The changing of perspectives, the themes, the content–at least in my eyes–is really outside the mainstream. It’s another reason why I think self-publishing is right for me, because the way things are going, as long as you have a good name–it doesn’t matter how crappy your book is.

It even begs the question why I even called my series The Absolutely Fine Trilogy. It sounds so generic, not even giving a hint as to what this possibly be about, but that is basically the point though. You just have to dive in, and see where it goes.

I find that it is so much more interesting to write a genre-blending piece. I believe the complexity of combining history, science, politics, romance, and so many genres together makes the story more intriguing. It makes me more passionate about my project. You want to write the things that you want to write, so if that means writing about an alien coming from outer space and capturing the life of a schizophrenic boy, then go right ahead.

Wait . . . I think I spoiled a part.

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