Second Book Coming Soon!

Today is November 5th, 2022, and this day is a very special day because I have just attended my first local author fair. Twenty plus writers have attended the fair, me being one of them. It is an incredible experience, and I believe that my participation of this event is the first step to a long journey. This will be a day that I will never forget.

All the people who went to my table were very enthusiastic. It was such joy explaining how I came up with the idea of the book, even though I didn’t want to give too much away. 😉

Still, I also garnered other books from the other authors, and I anticipate the thrill of getting into them. I have to say though, I currently have a large reading list, so it may take a while to get through their books–still, I am looking forward to them.

I haven’t got into the elephant in the room though, which, hence the title, is worth noting. Here is the thing: publishing one book is an amazing feat, but a trilogy is another level. That is impressive. Before I attended this local author fair, I wanted to have a proof copy of the second book, showcasing it with a sign that says, Coming Soon. Unfortunately, the book didn’t arrive on time, sadly. It isn’t the end of the world though, as I am glad that I was able to convince some customers to buy it.

Still, I believe that it would have been better if I showed the second book . . . although the second book is longer than the first one. That is another thing. Other people told me that a longer book looks more intimidating for some readers, causing them to scare themselves away from it. However, I know how this story is. If you don’t know, I had the second and third book, but I made the decision to actually combine them to form one book, making it the sequel. As a result, this second book is pretty hefty, but in order to complete the characters’ story arcs, combining the second and third one is a smart move . . . at least to my eyes.

The second book will be called The Absolutely Fine Sequel. For those who have read through the first book, you will still encounter the same characters, but there will be new ones. The news one are interesting, if not more interesting than the original characters. The extra characters are one reason why the second book will be more hefty, but it is also a reason why the second book will be more epic!

A common remark that I get from passersby who go to my table is why I called it The Absolutely Fine Novel. Well, believe it or not, I didn’t just pick the title simply because it sounded cool. There is a very specific reason why I chose it. Funny enough, the previous name of the novel was going to be Absolutely Fine, but it turns out that name got stolen from the name of a British sitcom, even though the stories are completely different. Other than that though, there is a deeper meaning to the title, and I hope, after the reader gets through this second one, the lightbulb clicks and the reader will have the a-ha moment.

Anyway, for those who are new to my blog, here is the link to my book. The Absolutely Fine Novel. I hope you would enjoy it, although Manuel would disagree. Here is a quote from the second book: “Unfortunately, Manuel said, ‘This work is a piece of dog shit.’”

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