A New Beginning

Hello, world! My name is Foray Jumpman. This is the very first post of my WordPress website, and I want this post to be all about who I am and what I have accomplished this past week. I have just published the first novel to my trilogy called The Absolutely Fine Novel on Amazon. It is a very interesting and ambiguous title, and you might be wondering what it is about. I am afraid that the purpose of this post is to not give you an inkling to its contents. You are going to have to buy the book yourself.

What I can tell you is that this is the beginning of my journey to become known to the world through my writings. Now, popularity is a very tricky thing. As Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye cries out, “People always clap for the wrong thing.” He is right. Phonies are everywhere. Most of the stuff being published right now is really just a bunch of half-assed garbage. If you aren’t a top-notch celebrity, it is really hard to get into the game. I am hoping to change that.

I am still relatively young and don’t have the clearest picture of what I truly want to do in life . . . with the exception of becoming a well-renowned writer. Who knows where this will lead me. Maybe a director reads my book and contacts me to do a movie adaptation of it. That would be sick, but I got to be cautious though. There is a reason why the book is always better than the movie.

When I was young, I had absolutely no idea that I wanted to become a writer. Coincidentally though, when I was in middle school, I had to do this autobiography project on a particular person. The person I picked is Jack London, a writer who wrote the American classic, The Call of the Wild. I simply picked him because he looked pretty cool on the front cover, but it turns out his life is pretty wild. I can’t believe he was one of the first writers who actually made an actual living from his stories–I wondered who the next one will be.

I actually finished The Call of the Wild a couple of days ago. Jack London is an amazing naturalist, better than “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane. I had to read that garbage in an English class, and boy oh boy was I raving about how I was bored out of my mind. Who knew that dogs can be better characters.

I don’t believe that you want to know anything about what I am reading though. You are probably wondering what inspired me to write in the first place. Well, I had a creative imagination as a kid. I didn’t attend recess during elementary school because I was stuck with the thoughts inside my own head–playing at the playground was going to be a distraction for me. Common core isn’t the best with creativity, so I was bogged down by the books that we were forced to read. It was only until I read this astounding fantasy novel called The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan–his book is the very first taste of high fantasy, and my mind exploded. He persuaded me to write a story of my own, so I tinkered with my imagination and attempted to write a huge novel.

Let’s just say that project didn’t go far.

I thought that I was more of a math and science person, but after much experimentation, nothing was really a right fit for me . . . except stories. During one day of school, when my mom picked me, I noticed a homeless man pulling a cart of black, plastic bags through my side-window. Then, it hit me. This was the start of my writing journey, the first time when I actually took this storytelling thing very seriously.

I wrote about what I saw. Part of the story delves into this poor boy named Manuel Swan who ends up finding a homeless man named Greg Zaledy. Both of them had a pretty interesting friendship. I kind of wondered what would happen if I introduced myself to that homeless man. Most people nowadays just walk by as if they were total strangers, but they are people just like us.

I just realized that I gave you an inkling of what it is about. Sigh . . . .

You know what, I think it is best that I shouldn’t write in this blog anymore.

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