Thursday, July 02, 2020
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Fern Brady

Using Publication in Journals, Magazines, and Anthologies to Build Your Author Platform



In this session, Fern Brady explores the myriad publishing opportunities in journals, magazines, and anthologies that authors can take advantage of. She provides tips for analyzing which ones are worth submitting to. Then she provides step by step instructions on how to use publication in these to create social media campaigns and market yourself as an author to build up your following.



1. Overview of the types of writing journals, magazines and anthologies typically publish

2. Specific vetted sources for calls for submission 3. Specific factors to consider when submitting to each form including online only publications

4. Specific steps to take once your work has been accepted and published to maximize your exposure and benefit in building audience and branding

5. Review of key elements in authors arsenal for audience building including website, blog, social media and how to use each in conjunction with the publication to build audience .


Fern Brady

Fern Brady is CEO of the Houston Writers Guild and Owner of Inklings Publishing. She began her career as a foreign correspondent, taught with Alief ISD for 15 years, and then became a full-time Realtor in Houston. All the while, she pursued her real passion -- writing. Her short stories have been published in Eclectically Carnal, Eclectically Criminal, Short Stories by Award-winning Texas Authors Vol.2, and Waves of Passion. Her poem Penelope was published in Spider Road Press’ compilation, In the Questions. Her first children's picture book, The Smiley Face Blatoon, launched in July 2015 under the pen name Lady Nefari Ydarb, a Cliektess from the planet Jorn and won 1st place in Texas Authors Association Contest for Best Picture Book for All Ages. The bilingual edition was released in 2016. You can contact her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit her website at Check out other books published by Inklings Publishing at and visit the Houston Writers Guild at



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Room: Houston 3 - 1:30 PM