Thursday, July 02, 2020
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Professionals from around the country will be offering a wide range of subject mater.

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Julie B Cosgrove

Word of Mouth



Top marketers will tell you word of mouth is still the best way to advertise your product. For authors, that would be our writing, which contains…you guessed it.  WORDS!!

If that makes your introvert nerves quiver, never fear!  Julie B Cosgrove, who is a professional speaker and award winning novelist (and closet introvert), will help you discover ways you can get people buzzing about your newest masterpiece other than through the social media black hole. We communicate words in two ways - with our keyboards and with our mouths. So speaking and writing are two sides of the same coin.


One of her more popular writer’s workshops, Julie will explain why word of mouth is still the best sales technique, even today. She will ―


·                     walk through easy techniques to help authors emerge from behind their keyboards,

·                     provide unique ways to market their books face to face with readers (even if speaking in public makes their throats close up), 

·                     help each author explore speaking topics they may not realize they were experts in,

·                     and then allow time to for the attendees to briefly practice on each other in order to build confidence.


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Julie Cosgrove was interviewed about her books on Dear Texas Radio.  Click here to listen.

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