Saturday, June 06, 2020
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Arlene Gale

Marketing 101: Marketing Outside the (Computer) Box



Marketing 101 teaches writers to think outside the box by going back to the basics of winning marketing strategies in early writing through implementing a successful marketing plan when the book is finished.



There is more to marketing than posting about yourself or your book(s) on social media. Determine who your target market is, where to find them, and how to talk to them in the real, 3D world beyond the computer. Discuss multiple levels of marketing, which includes finding and creating book-signing events, advantages of supplemental products and materials, and setting up an attention-getting product table. Hear real life examples of the pitfalls of authors who didn’t do market research before writing, which negatively impacted access to events and sales. This session is valuable for both beginning writers and published authors.

You Will Learn:

• Difference between marketing, sales, advertising, and public relations, and why each plays a key role in an author’s success. • Why marketing is important before the book is written.

• How to develop a marketing brand that’s consistent and quality.

• Real life cautionary tales.


About Arlene Gale

Arlene Gale has 30 years professional writing and international speaking experience. Her non-fiction book “Face Forward Move Forward” is an international, national, and peer-review award-winner, and #1 best seller in four genre categories. In 2016, the national SCORE office recognized Arlene’s writing business with the “Small Business Champions Award.” She has written more than a thousand magazine articles, hundreds of radio and television advertisements, dozens of fundraising programs, and books for clients. If it needs to be written, Arlene Gale, “The Book Writing Business Coach,” can do it! Through her passion and her step-by-step writing program Arlene works with professionals to write & market their top quality book to leverage their expertise & grow their business. She is a keynote speaker, workshop/breakout session speaker for a variety of conferences around the United States.


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Room: Salon E - Saturday 10 AM