Saturday, June 06, 2020
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Dino Price

The Big Twinkie and How to Get Published.



“The Big Twinkie and How to Get Published,” is a 40-minute lecture with discussion on the changing publishing industry and what it means for the small independent publisher or self-publisher and how to attract the attention of a major publishing house and get a big advance.

Within 40 minutes we’ll take the mystery out of gaining the attention of a publisher and how to get the big advance.



The publishing industry is changing; recent news stories belie the undercurrents and torment still rocking the world of publishing.  The major Texas publishers have either gone out of business or have been swallowed up by larger houses on the east coast, and their interest is not kerned toward Texas Literature.  Unless you are a famous personality, celebrity, politician, infamous criminal, getting the attention of a large publishing house is easier than nailing Jell-O to the wall..


About Dino Preice

Dino is the Owner, Editorial Manager, Acquisitions Manager, Warehouse Supervisor, Janitor and Publisher of John M. Hardy Publishing Co. in Houston Texas.



Handouts: Yes

Room: Salon E - Sunday, 10 AM