Thursday, July 02, 2020
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Kris Kramer & Julia Kramer

Book Media and Marketing - Writing a book is easy. Selling it is hard



As an author, it's hard to stand out from the crowd when the crowd is working just as hard as you are at getting the word out about their books. And the deluge of available social media outlets and independent publishing tools seems to make our jobs harder some days rather than easier. So how do you elevate yourself above the rest of the book-writing crowd? The answer isn't MORE marketing. It's SMARTER marketing..



You will learn how to:

- Learn basic marketing principles from established consultants and professionals

- Learn how to set up a high-level marketing plan

- Learn how to use social media in a smart and effective way


Kris & Julia Kramer

Kris Kramer is the author of over fifteen books as well as a partner in FileNotFound.Studio, an art, animation, and design studio that offers marketing consultation and services. Julia Kramer has 15 years of experience in Marketing services and solutions, accomplishing triple-digit growth for multiple companies, across a diverse portfolio of industries and was name one of the Top Ten Business Women in 2015 by American Business Women's Association (ABWA). Julia thrives on challenges and craves new experiences the way some people crave chocolate.



Handouts: Yes

Room: Salon D - Saturday, 9 AM