Saturday, June 06, 2020
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Below are the Authors who are scheduled to attendee this event.  You will find their picture, name and a link to a webpage that has more information about them and their books.


 Aaron Zook

Alvin Walters

 Amber Manning

 Al Richards

 Becki Willis (AMC Candidate)

  Bessie David

 Bill Harper

Bill Wagner

 Caroline DeChavigny

 Charles Breakfield

 Dana Wayne

 Darlene Prescott

 David Thomas Roberts

 Ernie Lee

 Grace Allison (AMC Candidate)

 Ian McLean

 Jan Sikes (AMC Candidate)

 Jeanne Covert

 JoAnn Wagner (AMC Candidate)

John Blair (AMC Candidate)

Judy Ann Lowe (AMC Candidate)

  Julie Cosgrove (AMC Candidate)

 Kathleen Shields

 K Wendt

Katherine S Frank

 L M Mann (AMC Candidate)

 L M Nelson (AMC Candidate)

 Larry Brill 

 Larry Landgraf

 Louralee Harris (AMC Candidate)

Michael Farlow

 Patty Wiseman

 Roxanne Burkey (AMC Candidate)

 Sandra Fox Murphy

 Sharon Lukasik

Sherry Maysonave 

Steven Malone

Steven Maysonave

 Susan Count

 Vandenberg, Tawn 

 Virginia H Sampson (AMC Candidate)