Saturday, June 06, 2020
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Library Journal Program $25 – Members $10


Over the past few months I have encouraged our membership to sign up for the Library Journal program which gets your book in front of librarians in Texas. If selected for a review, your book will then be broadcast to a National database for all Librarians to see.


I am honored and thrilled to announce that our first volume of “Short Stories by Texas Authors” was chosen as one of these ‘select’ books. This is huge for the authors who participated in the contest as it brings them instant exposure for their works.


 The most important item is that Texas Author members get more exposure for their books. But, that exposure only works for members of Texas Authors, Inc.


National exposure for less than $10 a month!  NO organization in the country can say that and still give you much more value for your dollar. If you want to sell books, then being a member of Texas Authors, Inc., is the most cost effective way to get exposure around the country and the world!


Note: The Self-e program is free to any author.  The fee paid to us covers our labor and helps you get it entered fast and quick without having to spend an extra hour figuring things out.