Thursday, July 02, 2020
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Library Journal Book Program

Author Update


Over the past few months I have encouraged our membership to sign up for the Library Journal program which gets your book in front of librarians in Texas. If selected for a review, your book will then be broadcast to a National database for all Librarians to see.


I am honored and thrilled to announce that our first volume of “Short Stories by Texas Authors” was chosen as one of these ‘select’ books. This is huge for the authors who participated in the contest as it brings them instant exposure for their works.


The most important item is that Texas Author members get more exposure for their books. But, that exposure only works for members of Texas Authors, Inc.


National exposure for less than $10 a month!  NO organization in the country can say that and still give you much more value for your dollar. If you want to sell books, then being a member of Texas Authors, Inc., is the most cost effective way to get exposure around the country and the world!

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by B Alan Bourgeois


Thank you to everyone who has sent kind wishes and prayers for a healthy and fast recovery from my recent surgery. While I still do not consider myself a hero, I am extremely happy to know that the choice I made has, in fact, helped a person live a longer healthier life which was the sole reason I chose to donate a kidney.


My recovery is going very well and I am back to work on schedule, as my physical health continues to recover from the operation. I am sure I will be in tip-top shape for our Book Festival Season.

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New French Vending Machines Dispense Free Short Stories

Eight “Short Edition” vending machines are being set up throughout Grenoble, France to dispense free short stories to the reading public.

By Dennis Abrams, Publishing Perspective


At Digital Trends, Lulu Chong looked at something new in vending machines: the Short Edition machines set up in Grenoble France under the leadership of the city’s mayor, Green Party member Eric Piolle.

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South Central United States the Worst in Reading Activity

Opinion Piece by B. Alan Bourgeois

A recent report published in the Publishers Weekly magazine, broke down the United States into eight regions regarding reading activity. Of all the regions, the South Central, which includes Texas, had only a 1% increase in printed books sales. While an increase is good, the sad part is that with the high number of people moving into this region, book sales should have increased at least as much, if not more, than the highest region reported. The Pacific coast, where many of our transplants are coming from, saw a 5% increase in sales.


This is a clear indication that events such as DEAR Texas and the Super Readers program is not only necessary, but should receive overwhelming support from Texas Authors, Texas Booksellers and Texas Libraries. Working together, these organizations and members could significantly turn around the book sales numbers of the South Central region, and help with inspiring more reading and purchasing of books. But, it doesn’t stop with a state wide weekend event.

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Scientists find Secret to Writing a Best-Selling Novel

By Matthew Sparkes, The Telegraph (British Newspaper)

10:44AM GMT 09 Jan 2014

Scientists have developed an algorithm which can analyze a book and predict with 84 per cent accuracy whether or not it will be a commercial success.

A technique called statistical stylometry, which mathematically examines the use of words and grammar, was found to be “surprisingly effective” in determining how popular a book would be.

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